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Funeral Services

A funeral or memorial service is a way to celebrate a life lived.

  It allows everyone an opportunity to pay tribute to someone that has made a difference in their life.  Everyone, from relatives, neighbors, and coworkers, needs a chance to say goodbye.

  At Carl J Mowell & Son Funeral Home, we are honored when a family calls upon us in a time of need.  We spend time with each family listening, guiding and planning each detail of the service.  Because each person is unique, each service is unique.  Whether through memorial products or requests from the family, our goal is to make each service special for the family.  Here are some examples of services we offer.

Traditional Funeral
Memorial Service
Graveside Service

 Traditional Funeral
  A funeral is a time honored tradition that allows everyone to remember a loved  one.  The ceremony can be held in our chapel, at a church, or other location of your choice.  With the body present, a funeral usually consists of a time of reflection by friends and family, religious readings and encouragement from clergy, special music and video tributes as well as any special ways to remember that person.  A viewing or visitation generally takes place the day or evening before or just prior to the ceremony.  The viewing of the body by family and friends helps facilitate closure as the grief process begins.

 Memorial Service
  Without the body present, friends and family gather to honor their loved one.  Again, special reflections, words from clergy, and music & DVD tributes are all part of the ceremony.  A memory table is usually set up (in place of the casket) filled with pictures, flowers, the urn, and other memorabilia.  Most families also have a time to visit the day before of the day of the service.

 Graveside Service
  The remembrance service can also be held at the location of the burial or entombment.  With everyone gathered at the cemetery for the service, usually a minister or friend officiates the ceremony.  These surroundings allow for many special tributes such as military honors or the release of doves or balloons.  The visitation at the funeral home is held prior the service or the evening before.

 A Visitation
  Often times, a visitation gives a family a more informal chance to share with others about their loved one.  Wonderful memories are overheard as old photographs are thumbed through.  A visitation can take place anytime of the day or evening, whatever is most convenient.  A viewing of the body or a memory table is a focus.  A viewing or visitation can be coordinated for any type of service.  It is especially helpful when someone is to be buried out of town or for someone who has lived out of state for a long time.